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Welcome to our oldworld of fun and travel. Trolleys, or Trams (as they are known depending on where you come from), hold a special place in the hearts of people the world over. Both young and old love the sight and sound of these classically designed vehicles rumbling majestically through the streets of the town or city.

The Old Auckland Tramcar Co Ltd is a wholly New Zealand-owned company dedicated to the preservation of the memory of that most affable form of public transport, the Trolley, or Tram, and to bringing these marvelous machines to the cities and towns of New Zealand.

Although virtually extinct in the Southern Hemisphere, the Trolley will live on, thanks to the efforts of a group of craftsmen who meticulously re-create these majestic vehicles and adapt them for use in the fast-paced world of today.

Now, you can ride a replica Trolley in many towns and cities throughout the U.S.A., Canada, Japan and Australia. Our aim is to see the first of this new breed of old world charmers plying the streets of Auckland, New Zealand. With this, comes the birth of a loveble new character that will entertain, educate and delight children of all ages. His name is : -


Right now we are looking for investors to join us on this fun and exciting journey.

If think you have the passion and vision, go to the "Opportunities" page on this site to learn more about Trammy's plans, or contact us now

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